Spill Containment Berms

Maxbox Supplies carries a variety of portable spill containment berms customized for on-shore, off-shore, and refineries.  They come in a wide range of sizes and material thicknesses to suit all applications.

Maxbox Supplies has the ability to manufacture custom sized spill containment berms of any sizesMaxbox Supplies is flexible, innovative, and welcomes the challenge of your company’s needs.

Our spill containment berms are:

  • Easy to install spill containment berms
  • Designed for quick setup and take down
  • Bracketted berms side walls
  • Drive over foam berms
  • Custom created to any size

We have the ability and capability to manufacture spill containment berms to any width and length in house or on site

We house a large inventory of industry standard sizes for spill containment berms:

  • 12×12 berms
  • 12×25 berms
  • 12×50 berms
  • 4×4 berms
  • 6×6 berms
  • 8×8 berms

Similar to our spill containment berms, our business is also flexible and customized to fit your needs whether you reside in the greater Houston, Texas areas or nationwide.